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Soul Care Sessions

Self care that feeds your soul and reignites your spark. A healing experience that combines intuitive guidance & distance reiki healing.

Life gets hectic, and we tend to ignore not just ourselves but our souls. Want to feel energized, connected, and inspired? These sessions are lovingly designed to give YOU the support, energy, time and space that you’ve been craving to focus on yourself and your soul growth.

These soul care sessions are Kaley’s signature healing work combining intuitive conversation and distance Reiki healing. Because they are done remotely, they are super convenient to a busy woman’s schedule.

Kaley Decker is certified in Reiki Levels I-II and loves working with crystals and stones to support the healing process. She is passionate about helping women reignite their spark and is skilled at giving loving, nurturing guidance to help them gain clarity and step into their power.


Step 1. Soulful Conversation

We’ll have a 30 minute call via Zoom to discuss YOU. Each session will begin with giving gratitude for our time and taking some deep breaths. You’ll then give me a download on what’s weighing on your heart and mind. What’s happening in your life so that I can focus my energy work on the most important block(s). Each session will be different as we work through things. The main goal of this conversation is to set an intention for the Reiki healing session (step 2). The goal of these sessions collectively, over time, is to get you feeling more and more in alignment with your true self so that you can gain and/or strengthen your connection to your own intuition to help guide you.


Step 2. Remote Reiki Healing

This will take place within 24 hours of our conversation. Kaley will perform distance Reiki healing, focusing on the areas discussed from Step 1. This healing session does not require you to do anything other than be in a relaxed space and state of mind at the designated time. So just sit back, relax and let Kaley work her magic!


Step 3. Healing Session Insights

Within 24 hours of the Reiki healing, I will send you an email to “seal” the healing. I’ll recap anything that came up as I performed the healing as well as any soul-care or self-care recommendations I have to help support you as you move forward.


Step 4. Repeat Steps.

If you love your experience, let’s repeat steps 1-3.


1 hour with Kaley Decker @ $88* Currently offering a special 50% discount for 5 participants.

  • 30 minute soul conversation

  • 20 minute healing

  • 10 minute closing insights email



I had my first soul care experience with Kaley this past week. I went into the session with little to no knowledge on Reiki, but I knew I could trust Kaley based on her knowledge and training. She has a true gift for identifying what the soul needs. Within minutes of our effortless session over the phone, I was able to identify an intention. And through this experience I found exactly what I never knew I needed. I found that I slept better than I have in a long time and it was easy to calm my anxiousness and find relaxation (which is super difficult for me). I was seeking clarity for a decision in my life and I left my session completely void of any blocks that had previously clouded my mind. I’m already looking forward to my next session!

- Stefanie W.



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